Bulk SMS & Emails


  • NETCOM is a Bulk SMS provider in India. We focus on affordable, innovative and competitively priced SMS/MMS messaging services and mobile messaging solutions in, India.

    NETCOM is one of the fastest growing Bulk SMS/EMAIL messaging services provider in India. SMS/EMAIL Gateway connectivity provider with reliable network coverage. We provide our customers Bulk SMS and EMAIL messaging services for a reasonable price with dependable, secure and high capacity messaging platform with guarantee delivery.

    NETCOM provide user friendly messaging system which we incorporated our technical expertise to solve our client’s difficulties by providing them various wireless applications which can be used anywhere. We work and progress according to the requirements of the client to give a step ahead over competitors. We are committed to 99.9% uptime with our infrastructure and reliable messaging solutions.

    Business users will find it allows them to communicate quickly and cost effectively with their customers, colleagues and staff via SMS/EMAIL.

    Personal users can rely on Bulk SMS/EMAIL to stay organised by setting SMS/EMAIL messages that will be sent to their mobile phone at a time and date they nominate so they’ll never forget that special occasion or important event again..